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  • Heart Rate Monitor

    Heart Rate Monitor

    Snap the heart rate monitor onto your Sensoria® Fitness Smart T-Shirt or Sports Bra and track your performance, make progress, and take advantage of your overall fitness experience...

  • Renault Sport special edition T-Shirt + Heart Rate Monitor

    Renault Sport special edition T-Shirt + Heart Rate Monitor

      This Renault Sport special edition smart T-shirt offers a comfortable, compression-based design. The shirt features integrated electrodes that provide consistent and accurate heart rate data. Combined with the...

  • Sensoria Developer Kit

    Sensoria Developer Kit

    Build your app for Sensoria with our SDK. Includes developer specific resources, Sensoria® Fitness prototype and final product as soon as available. Best apps featured on our web site and part of our marketing...

  • Sensoria Fitness Cardio Sports Bra with built in Heart Rate Sensors - color Black

    Sensoria Fitness Sports Bra

    Comfy and strap-free! Finally a comfortable compression Sports bra equipped with accurate, 100% textile electrodes. With sensor technology powered by ComfTech.     Benefits:     - Made in...

  • Sensoria FItness Cardio  T-shirt with Heart Rate sensors - color Blue - Side

    Sensoria Fitness T-Shirt

    Finally a comfortable compression fitness T-shirt with accurate. 100% textile cardiac electrodes. With sensor technology powered by ComfTech.     Benefits:     - Cool, Smart and Made in Italy ...

  • Sports Bra + Heart Rate Monitor

    Sports Bra + Heart Rate Monitor

    Comfy and strap-free! Run like a cheetah, or jump like a gazelle. For the first time in a long time, women can embrace the amenities of a good fitness bra and feel the freedom of movement while doing so. Simply snap...

  • T-Shirt + Heart Rate Monitor

    T-Shirt + Heart Rate Monitor

    Let your garment wear you, not the other way around. Our comfortable, smart t-shirt is light and fits the individual in both movement and shape, while providing elasticity and muscle support. Simply snap our HRM...

  • Sensoria Fitness Bundle: Anklet + 2 Paris of Smart Socks + Free App

    Sensoria Fitness Bundle

    This product includes:     - Two pair of smart socks made from high-tech running friendly fabric    - One electronic anklet that magnetically snaps to the cuff of the...

  • Sensoria Fitness anklet - side

    Sensoria Fitness Extra Anklet

    Two is better than one! Have you already bought Sensoria Fitness (anklet+socks pack) and want an extra anklet to capture data from both feet, or simply want a replacement/spare anklet? This is it.With two anklets worn at...

  • Additional pair of Sensoria Fitness smart Socks - Left side

    Additional Smart Socks

    Additional smart Socks for Sensoria® Fitness (Box of 2 pairs) Complement your Sensoria® Fitness with an additional 2 pair of socks, to keep you covered when your other pairs are in the washer. Our sensor...